Appreciation: a little goes a long way

We have all heard of the expression that negativity breeds negativity.

But equally, fostering a positive environment leads to… yes, you guessed it, positivity.

This is always important to remember, perhaps in 2020 more than ever before. We have seen organisations significantly drop in not just revenue, but confidence as well.

Success is built on momentum – this is as true away from the field as on it. This starts by celebrating small wins: noticing the things you do well that often get forgotten under deadlines and big decisions.

Showing gratitude for our colleagues and appreciating their contribution makes us innately human and has forged some of the best athlete-coach partnerships to have graced competitive sport. Think Jessica Ennis-Hill and Toni Minichiello, or Sir Alex Ferguson and Cristiano Ronaldo – the success of these relationships says everything you need to know.

It is evident that highly effective managers establish themselves as a ‘resource’, making sure to check in on employees, rather than check up on them. This ensures a manager can be aware of what an employee is feeling, as well as doing, and give sincere thanks when work is completed.

On a larger scale, gratitude can be influenced by the habits of an organisation. My Tiki-taka and tabletops blog emphasised the importance of investing time to foster internal networks and being diligent around your internal communications messaging, especially in an age of speed and hyperconnectivity.

Appreciation is something you can also practice as an individual, as being mindful about how you think and talk to yourself can have positively impact how others engage with and around you. In his latest book, Trevor Moawad explains how your rhetoric can manifest into reality, while many athletes use meditation as a means to overcome challenges and empower themselves, like Portland Timbers goalkeeper Steve Clark revealed in a feature with The Athletic in July.

It has been a tough and challenging year, so use this holiday period as an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with yourself and your teams, because a little can go a long way in building a happy and proactive workplace environment that continues through the winter months and influences a more prosperous 2021.